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In filing a Korean patent application, accurate translation for Specification and Claims is one of the key issues for obtaining an effective patent right. In KIYUL IP Law, all of the patent applications are checked by our stuff qualified as Korean patent attorney and having both technical background and full knowledge on Korean patent practice, in order to guarantee correct and proper translations.


Based on our translation quality, we are specialized in filing patent applications for foreign corporation. We clearly understand KIPO’s policy through many year’s experience. Before the filing of application, we thoroughtly review the specification. We can provide effective and reliable comments when Office Action is issued, which is based on Korean practice. After the registration of a patent, we can protect the client’s right through trial (invalidation, confirmation of the scope of claims, etc) and petition for cancellation of the trial decision.


We focus on protecting our clients’ designs as effectively as possible. We provide our solutions to our clients for obtaining substantial rights for their designs as early as possible by using design practices, such as partial examination and registration of design, multi-class application, set item design, and partial design.


We focus on protecting clients’ rights in a most efficient manner based on our assessment of the likelihood of registration of each trademark or service mark thorough analysis of the search report. Our practice also includes registration, monitoring, licensing arrangement, and assignment relating to trademarks and service marks for efficient management of our clients’ rights. With our experience in proceedings such as opposition, trial (invalidation, cancellation, confirmation of the scope, etc.), and petition for cancellation of trial decision relating to trademarks, we ensure perfect protection of our clients’ right to trademarks.


License registration and license contracts in the field of intellectual property rights are crucial for efficient utilization of intellectual property rights to maximize profits of our clients. We are certatin that our service, which is based on our comprehensive analysis in pursuit of a perfect way of utilizing intellectual property rights, will ensure the greatest profits possible for our clients.


In the fields of intellectual property, the search service including prior art search is an essential element for our clients to obtain, maintain and utilize their rights. We have extensive databases and know-hows to utilize them in the optimal way in this line of work as well. Our top search report will be of a useful guidance for our clients to take advantage of their intellectual property.


Spans a range of intelligence resources designed to lighten your research burden and help you manage the challenges in your competitive environment. If you don’t have the necessary resources to conduct advanced IP research, we can help.


IP is becoming more global and complex, putting increasing demands on your time and resources. Rely on us for strategic patent and trademark support. Our blend of global expertise, resources and technology helps ease your workflow, map out strategies with confidence and act decisively in times of change.