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Korean Trademark Application Service

Trademark Service

We focus on protecting clients’ rights in a most efficient manner based on our assessment of the likelihood of registration of each trademark or service mark thorough analysis of the search report. Our practice also includes registration, monitoring, licensing arrangement, and assignment relating to trademarks and service marks for efficient management of our clients’ rights.


Application Fees

· Filing Fees for one class application are USD 362 only (legal fees of USD 300 and official fees of USD 62). If you want multiple-class applications, we charge USD 262 (legal fees of USD 200 and official fees of USD 62) for each additional class.

Registration Fees

· Upon registration, we charge USD 380 (legal fees of USD 160 and official fees of USD 220). And we provide you with the Trademark Certificate and the Trademark Registry by airmail.

Total Fees

· If the application goes smoothly to registration without an office action, the total fees will be USD 742.


What is the procedure to get a trademark registered in Korean

· Under Korean Trademark Law, once a Trademark Application is filed, it will be (i) examined as to form and (ii) examined as to substance. It normally takes from 8 to 10 months as from the filing date to obtain a certificate of registration (if neither Office Action is issued by the KIPO nor opposition filed by any third party). The term of validity is 10 years and renewable.

What is needed for your application

  • Full Applicant Name
  • Full Applicant Address
  • Mark
  • List of Goods / Services

Our Filing Procedures

  1. Once we receive the information above (applicant info, mark, goods/services), we will prepare a Power of Attorney form for signature.
  2. We will send you an Invoice.
  3. We will Confirm the Goods / Services with you.
  4. Once we receive the signed Power of Attorney form and the payment, we will proceed with the Application within 1-2 business days.
  5. After filing, we will send you a Filing Report.

Filing Request

For filing applications, send a request email to kiyul@kiyul.co.kr, including the following information:

  • Full Applicant Name
  • Full Applicant Address
  • Mark / Logo(If any)
  • List of Goods / Services